10 Mosaic Tiles Craft Ideas for Home-1

mosaic flower pot

As we know, modern mosaics are made by artists and craftspeople around the world. They skillfully match various colors and irregular shapes to make all kinds of artworks, decorating our living room, kitchen and garden. Many materials other than traditional stone, ceramic tesserae, and stained glass may be employed, including shells, beads, charms, chains, coins, broken CDs, and broken China. 

The mosaic artworks are featured in vivid images and easy to start. From children of kindergarten to adults, you can start the journey of Mosaic Crafts. The material is divided into three parts. The main material: tiles, is easily available. What’s more, you need to prepare the adhesive, like glue or hot gun, and grout. Other accessories usually can be replaced or get easily. like water, sponge, bowl, gloves, etc. It’s a piece of cake. Of course, the most important key is the creation.

In the following article, the all creations we recommended are all used for home decoration, not suitable for outdoor use. 

01 Drinking Coaster

The coaster is a small object in the normal where the user might place a drink. It’s not only to protect the surface of a table or any other surface, but also to stop hot or cold drinks from burning the table surface. That coaster should be best for children to start with Mosaic Artworks. We can get a finished coaster from a local shop nowadays, but it will be a good chance to have a parent-child time. View detailed tutorial for how to make Mosaic Drinking Coaster.

mosaic drinking coaster

02 Flower Vase

Flower bouquet is absolutely necessary for decoration at home or in a boutique shop. Meanwhile, the vase is a good partner for the flower. Pay attention, the plain embryo vase is made of Crushed Wood Powder, so it’s more suitable for dried flowers or aitical flowers. If you like fresh flowers, you’d better choose the glass embryo as the main part. View detailed tutorial for how to make Mosaic Flower Vase.

DIY mosaic flower vase
DIY flower vase crafts

03 Flower Pot

It’s really a good idea to use tiles featured with bright color and different shapes, to beautify the plain flower pot. Placed on the table, it’s a potted plant, and also is a decoration ornament. In some Theme Park, the gardener will use Mosaic Joint Crafts to dress up. For more Mosaic Flower Pot, please view anotherpost.

mosaic bulb light
mosaic flower pot
mosaic flower pot

04 Bulb Light

For that mosaic artwork, we’d better buy some bulbs that are specially used for handmade. Since the traditional lamp bulb used in our daily life is fragile. In the meantime, it’s very hard to take out the broken wire. When you finish several, you can tie them up with linen rope, just like the string light.

mosaic bulb light

05 Wall Clock

In the whole transforming process of the clock, the most important thing you should remember is to mark the time scale. Otherwise, I guess you always don’t figure out what the specific time is now.

mosaic wall clock

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