10 Mosaic Tiles Craft Ideas for Home-2

mosaic tile crafts

As we know, modern mosaics are made by artists and craftspeople around the world. They skillfully match various colors and irregular shapes to make all kinds of artworks, decorating our living room, kitchen and garden. Many materials other than traditional stone, ceramic tesserae, and stained glass may be employed, including shells, beads, charms, chains, coins, broken CDs, and broken China. 

The mosaic artworks are featured in vivid images and easy to start. From children of kindergarten to adults, you can start the journey of Mosaic Crafts. The material is divided into three parts. The main material: tiles, is easily available. What’s more, you need to prepare the adhesive, like glue or hot gun, and grout. Other accessories usually can be replaced or get easily. like water, sponge, bowl, gloves, etc. It’s a piece of cake. Of course, the most important key is the creation.

In the following article, the left 5 creations we recommended are all used for home decoration.

06 Pen Container

If you are bored of the ordinary pen container at the office, how about trying to make a big change. Except for decorating the full body with tiles, we even can apply some tiny or favorite dolls on it. 

mosaic pen holder

07 Animal Ornament

That must be a good chance for enjoying parent-child time. Select the children’s favorite animal, then accompany them to finish together in a weekend. Arrange it as home decoration or gifts, will is a good choice.

mosaic animal decoration crafts

08 Candle Holder

Lighting tealights in a holder is necessary preparation for festival or gathering decoration.The candlepower flickers among the candle containers decorated with shining glass tiles or stained glass pieces.Full house of love and romance. View detailed tutorial for how to make Mosaic Candle Holder.

mosaic candle holder

09 Photo Frame

Even though the digital album is very popular among young people, the traditional phone frame is still worthy to own. If I take photos of the beach, coconuts trees, I’d love to decorate the frame with sea shells as tiles. Put them at the head of  the bed or on the office deck, it must be a meaningful ornament.

mosaic shells photo frame
mosaic glass photo frame

10 Stereograph Frame

It’s very common to draw on plain paper. Have you imagined trying to make a stereograph painting on frames? Um, maybe I can give you a fresh idea. Match irregular shape tiles to mosaic your favorite image, even you can place some dried flowers to the scene of falling leaves in the autumn.

mosaic stereograph frame
mosaic tiles stereograly painting

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