10 String Art Patterns of Animal

animal string art

Stay updated to articles about string art ideas. The second one: 10 animal patterns I gathered. After practicing for several patterns, your skill level must get promoted.  Especially keep neat and uniform when knocking nails into the wood board. The wrapping turns to be more regular and faster. Let’s together view those string art patterns. Here are another companion volume of plant patterns,

01. Deer String Art


To be honest, it’s surely difficult to finish that deer string art. Especially for string art beginners. The whole appearance of deer has many curves, besides there are different colors covered on it. All threads are intertwined closely back and forth. Almost no gap to see through the wood board. The defined borders with nails are in plain sight.

deer string art

02. Turtle String Art

The whole wrapping only adopts a fresh color of green. Compared with the above deer, the texture wrapped is relatively sparse. You even can see the wood board clearly through the thread. I guess, the designer has a mind to wind randomly. I like that retro wood board very much. The turtle stretches its four limbs on board, and seems like it’s swimming freely in the sea.

turtle string art

03. Elephant String Art

For the elephant, the wrapping is intricate, at the same time, the layout of the line is very close. The black eyes are covered on white body. The colorful balloons are all skewed intersections. At first glance, it is just like a little baby playing with its mother elephant. What a warm scene!

elephant string art

04. Owl String Art

The cute owl is really a popular pattern utilized in various art styles by artists, like embroidery, painting, ect. In the same way, it is absolutely necessary to have Not hard to see, there are a lot of hollow designs for that owl pattern. Especially for the bottom section, it divides the body with several equal grids, andwraps around nails to define borders. Both sides are symmetrical winding.

owl string art

05. Cat String Art

As shown in the picture, the cat pattern is relatively complicated for the string art beginner. Since Every section has two colors. It means that you need to change threads continuously. Look at the finished product, it’s really a sweet, charming kitten. Of course, we can help it change style easily with different color matching as you like. I am looking forward to see you sharing on pinterest # fingertipcrafts.

cat string art

06. Unicorn String Art

In the same way, the unicorn pattern is chosen frequently by artists. Of course, that is the reason why I selected it. Match with, it will be a pretty decorative painting. The main body is wrapped with white thread back and forth to cover fully. There are no rules to follow.  Even appear trite and insignificant. I was impressed by the colorful plait made by hand, which makes that unicorn stand out. The yellow horn is in sharp contrast with white thread.

unicorn string art

07. Rabbit String Art

For those string art works the nails distributed around the rabbit is my favorite design. The nails without any thread are designed as stars skillfully. It seems like the rabbit sites under the sky studded ith twinkling stars. The second highlight is gradient color, which is very coordinated. About wrapping, it’s not difficult to see, start from a nail, then extend to other points. Finally, the rhombus covered on the surface is decorated for eyes. Maybe the black is better.

rabbit string art

08. Flamingo String Art

As long as we mention famous animals, it must mention the flamingo. Pink and red are wrapped to define its outline. The white cords are covered with red ones, which are shaped for the flamingo’s body. The slender legs are absolutely lifelike. The whole winding is relatively sparse compared with other animals, like the turtle above.

flamingo string art

09. Whale String Art

Here are our other animal friends from the sea, the whale. Exactly speaking, it’s a group of whale string art patterns, which have different postures. We can see clearly from photos, the winding is with regularity to conform, which is the same as the rabbit. Start from a point, then stretch to other nails. The whale’s back is wrapped with a gradient of blue color, while in contrast to white abdomen.

whale string art (2)
whale string art (1)

10. Horse String Art

We are always used to wrapping the outline of a pattern. If we try to change our inherent thought, it will make a big difference to the result. That horse string art idea is the best proof. Unity starts from a certain nail, extends to other five nails, back and forth. All wrapping around nails keeps rules to follow. Eventually, the retro wood board with blank is just right the horse shape. Matched with white tassels and leather snaffle, it’s as vivid as life.

horse string art
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