10 String Art Patterns of Plant

plant string art

Knock nails on board to outline your wished pattern, then use thread wrapping around nails back and forth, finally get an exquisite artwork. After having basic concepts about string art, we always can’t wait to practice. Whether you are a string art beginner or you want to find more creative inspirations. You will arrive in high sprites, have and go. Since we prepared a series of string art pattern collections. The following is a collection of string art plant patterns selected elaborately by me.

01. Sunflower String Art

I have been in favor of sunflowers for a long time. I like its bright color, and like it always  being toward the sun. In May of this year, I tried to plant some sunflowers, but it failed finally. I felt depressed all the time until I found that sunflower string art pattern. The whole artwork is composed of three colors. The center of the flower is wrapped like a bird net, which use two similar colors to confirm contrast. Bright yellow is used for petals. Compared with other string art ideas, it’s a bit complicated. It is totally made up of 28 petals. And plus two leaves. The green stem part is relatively simple. If you like it as me, you can’t miss that sunflower string art tutorial

sunflower string art

02. Clover String Art

It’s said that the clover is a symbol of luck. So it is always loved by artists, who utilize it on various DIY crafts.  In the same way,  it’s also very suitable for string art ideas. When you are at first glance, don’t be scared of its complicated appearance. Actually, it’s a simple pattern with regularity to confirm. All petals are the same that have three layers. Each petal can be seen as a heart, even a geometric figure. I guess you have mastered the keynote and can finish it perfectly. Here is my string art tutorial of lucky clover for your reference. 

clover string art

03. Tulip String Art

The tulip is also one of my favorite flowers. I once made a tulip silk flower, but already don’t know where they are now. To be honest, I am still excited to try another art style,the string arts. Wrap thread back and forth on board around nails. There are three tulips, which are colorful. Of course, we can make it with the same color. After finishing the main body of the tulip, the most important step is to define the flower via wrapping the edge of the border.

tulip string art

04. Potted Plant String Art

The green potted plant is an absolutely necessary item in our daily life. No one can deny it. Especially when you see that group of cactus. They are so small and charming, as well as a variety of colors. Whether to put it on a table or hang it on an office wall, it must be very easy on the eye. Similarly, you can design a group of succulents patterns for string art.

potted plant string art

05. Dandelion String Art

The whole dandelion is likely bobbles, which can float everywhere with the wind.  Therefore, it implies good meaning and symbolizes freedom. From the center, start to spread out toward all sides, shuttle back and forth. Leave a gap, where the dandelion floats away. It seems that the children leave their parents when they grow up. There are mainly two colors. The whole wrapping is very simple and suitable for beginners.

dandelion string art

06. Rose String Art

Red rose represents love between lovers. It will be more meaningful if we can make it by ourselves. The rose string art will never fade forever, which symbolizes love enduring as the universe. The flower part is winded layer by layer and the nails are intricate. Try your best to wrap it with the same texture. Since the red is very bright, the silver nails are better than gold. The green leaves are in sharp contrast to red petals. It’s relatively simple to finish the stalk. In order to make the rose more stereo, we should wrap the edge of the flower to define the border.

red rose string art

07. Pineapple String Art

The pineapple is a common fruit in daily life and we are very familiar with it. There are mainly two parts. The pineapple flesh section is wrapped by two layers.  The layer inside was intricate with yellow thread, which confirms the main body of pineapple. And the outer layer is divided into multiple rhombus with black thread. The top part is winded with green cords. At this time, the silvery nails are highly visible to catch our eyes. 

pineapple string art

08. Cactus String Art

It’s undoubtedly that the cactus is very easy to survive even if you are not enthusiastic about taking care. As well as it often came into the creations of artists. The whole design is not complex. At the section of the pot, use dark blue thread to intercross winding and use light blue cords to wrap mini squares on the pot for decoration. Part of the above, the cactus is composed of two colors. Black obviously highlights the outline of the cactus. If it were me, I would totally choose green. Here are another cactus string art tutorial for your reference.

cactus string art

09. Avocado String Art

In China, as for fruit, the avocado is not popular compared with, apple, oranges.  Instead, it’s highly loved among young people as a pillow, ornaments or other DIY patterns. Let’s together enjoy the cute avocado string art. According to colors, it’s easier to divide into three sections.The outermost layer uses dark green to wrap around nails, which use a basic winding way of “181” style. It will be shaped like an avocado’s peel. The main part adopts a cream color shaped for sarcocarp. Wrapping around nails back and forth, as thick as huckleberries. The kernel in the middle is also wound tightly with brown cords.

Avocado String Art

10. Leaf String Art

The last one I selected is a leaf pattern, which is absolutely suitable for beginners. There are only three rows of nails which are symmetrical. Keep uniform winding, through stalk from the middle to two sides, back and forth continuously. It belongs to a case that has a simple design, but still beautiful after a long time. What’s more, I thought the white color match was very pretty. Look at it in another light, it seems like a light feather. Really recommend that leaf string art ideas to you.

leaf string art

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