15 Best Heart String Art Ideas

heart string art

Part I: 01. A Group of Hearts Ideas

That group of hearts include three string art ideas, which are very suitable for string art beginners. Let’s together appreciate how to present creative ideas with simple heart templates. The first one adopts two threads to make the heart shape thicker. Meanwhile the inner section uses a single cord to wrap around nails back and forth, and all windings are regular. The heart was naturally divided into a large number of geometric figures, like triangle, rhombus and quadrilateral. The quadrilateral in the middle is clearly visible.

The second and third ones are also an abstractionist school. It’s more simple on winding compared with the first one. Use two twines to wrap around nails and divide into many triangles. The lines are sparse and even can be seen through the baseboard. What’s more, there are different styles in color. Use multi colors or single colors to finish the heart pattern. So, which one do you like most?

heart string art
heart string art
heart string art

02. Hollow Heart Ideas

It is obvious that there are two parts for winding. After careful checking, at the bottom layer,  wrap the cord from one side, then through the middle to arrive at another side back and forth repeatedly. All lines are interwaved in the center. The outer layer wraps thread around nails and then let it turn left and right winding alternately. So as to every nail has two strands of cord at least. Make a conclusion for the whole design: it will turn out to be easy if we can find the laws of winding.

heart string art

03. Solid Heart Ideas

We mentioned the wrappings of the outer layer in the last Hollow Heart Ideas. Actually, that solid heart idea is another upgraded version of it. The red threads are filled with the whole heart. All wrappings turn to be grids and keep in order. It’s very suitable for string art beginners to practise after mastering core rules. Here are two options for baseboards for your conference, black and white.

heart string art
heart string art

04. “LOVE” Heart Ideas

Here is another type of solid heart pattern, but the design is more skillful. We can see the word “ LOVE” clearly from the wood frame. The heart is divided into four parts. Every character is alone separately, but finally forms a whole perfectly. 

heart string art

05. “LOVE YOU” Ideas

That string art idea must be a good choice for a valentine gift. Let’s get moving on. Use pink thread to outline the heart shape. The basic winding method can use an “18” style or an “181” style between two nails. Then wrap the thread around nails to get the character “YOU” in the same way. Next, start to finish the main part of LOVE. Use bright red to wrap the words in thick lines. There are not many laws to follow when winding. The free winding way is right.

heart string art

06. Double Heart Ideas

It’s obvious that the heart is an important role in that string art design.Use bright red and pink to wrap a heart respectively. But the pink one overlaps a small section on the red heart. The whole wrapping is intricate and close. The outer border is defined with black cords, which is eye-catching. The bottom section is the bold words of LOVE, which utilize a combination of virtualness and reality. I thought it had a strong sense of art.

heart string art

07. Hand Heart Ideas

What I want to say is that it should be the simplest of those ideas as long as you have the string art template. If not, drawing a sketch is immediately to hand. After learning the basic wrapping methods from our related article, you can finish it easily in 10 minutes. The 8-word unilateral and 8-word bilateral are common ways to outline the shape border.

finger string art

Part II: 08. Mason Jar Heart Ideas

How about trying to match hearts with other elements? Here are some ready-made ideas. Firstly, use a gold thread to wrap a Mason Jar. Other vase ideas are also ok. Next, wrap a red heart on the surface of the jar. The wrapping for the mason jar is sparse and transparent, which can see the flower stem clearly. It will decrease the feeling of heaviness. While the heart lines are thick and close. Finally, put the dried flower into the jar. Hang that flower string art on the wall for a long time.

mason jar string art
mason jar string art

09. Footer Heart Ideas

The red heart in the middle connects a pair of feet well. Suddenly, I have a bold imagination from my heart. A couple leave their single foot respectively on paper, which is used for string art templates. Or the newborn baby leaves their footprint. It will be an extraordinarily significant gift for your baby.

heart string art

10. Photograph Heart Ideas

It’s too common to place a family’s portrait into the wood frame. How about connecting with string art? Leave a blank at the middle of the heart, which is for displaying photos. By the way, wrap some lines used for electrocardiograms. Have to say, there are pretty partners. On the top of the frame, simply wrap Arabic Numbers of 520 and 1314, which have special meaning between couples or family.

photo string art

11. Boy & Girl Heart Ideas

Wrap thread around with nails to outline the shape of boy & girl. By the way, leave their name on the bottom respectively. The red hearts are solid. So I would like to make it for my boy-girl twins, as well as their names.  What’s more, add the red heart, it will be a romantic gift for couples.

heart string art

12. Family Heart Strings

It’s another clever idea for string art. Matching the red heart with the word FAMILY is very natural, without feelings of strangeness totally. Place it in the hallway of your house, and install several cloth hooks, it is soft and sweet, as well as functional.

family string art

13. Heart with Wing Ideas

At first glance, a couple of white wings are nearly symmetrical. All wrapping is thick and close. Red threads are used for defining the wing shape. It seems like the angel wings bring us a red heart. Finally, leave your name and specific date on it. Maybe it’s a special day to be memorable for you.

angle string art

14. Elephant Heart Ideas

Our cute elephant is here again. Merely, it is the protagonist in that string art design. The whole wrappings for animals are in order, instead of close and thick. On the right, there are three hearts, not of uniform sizes. Since it is enslaved to the size of a heart, the windings are free and simple. I don’t quite understand the meaning of the section in the middle of the elephant. How about you?

elephant string art

15. Cats Heart Ideas

Famous quotes: It doesn’t matter whether the cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice. Here, the last one I select cat string art ideas, including a white & black cat. Employ usual wrapping ways to fill the main section and keep the texture in order. Eventually, it’s the highlight that the two tails are shaped for a red heart together. One soul in two bodies.

cat string art

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