4 Glass Mosaic Candle Holders

mosaic candle holders

Before the invention of electric lighting, candles were commonly used for illumination. The tealights is a candle in a thin metal or plastic cup so that the candle can liquefy completely while lit. After turning off the light, it will not produce an odor making you smell bad. In our daily life, the tealight is more applied on special occasions to create a festive atmosphere. Like candlelight dinners, birthdays, and Christmas.

In recent years, for safety regulations, we tend to use electric tealight to replace traditional flame-based candles. What’s more, we also can adopt string lights for illumination. The most important, the electric tealight and string light can be left unattended as there is no open flame or heat to worry about.In some ways, electric tea lights are much safer than flame-based candles.

electric tealight

As for modern people, they will match a more exquisite container to hold tealight or string—the Glass Mosaic Tealight Holder.

In that article, we will introduce you to 4 ideas of Glass Mosaic Tealight Holder (we have prepared a related tutorial for your reference).

01 Glass Tealight Holder

At a formal dinner party, lit some tealights, matched with the mosaic glass holder, it will be satisfied and pleased. Especially the candlelight dinners for lovers. For better light to shine at a light dim condition, we’d better choose transparent glass tiles. Its flat base makes the holder suitable for placing everywhere.

mosaic tealight holder

02 Hanging Sphere Tealight Holder

With the long neck-style stick, the tealight holder will greatly attract the gaze of participants.The light through glass tiles and reflects on the wall. If the standing rack swayed with the wind, the light seemed to dance happily. It’s really fabulous. Except for placing a tea light, we also can decorate it with string light and small ornaments, like dolls. For better effect, we can arrange some colorful shredded paper or raffia for decoration.

mosaic glass candle holder
mosaic tiles candle holder (3)

03 Portable Lantern Tealight Holder

That tealight holder is shaped like a retro lantern. With the handle, we can carry it conveniently without extra trouble. Take it, it seems we walk at night for a trip, as well as it’s a good partner to camp out in the wild. For outdoor use, if you are worried about the candle going out by wind, we can use the electronic tealight or string light.

mosaic glass lantern
electric string light
electric string light

04 Bulb Glass Tealight Holder

Just as its name implies, that candle holder is shaped like a light bulb. But, it is surely bigger and sturdier than the common bulb used in our daily life. The holder is apart from standing on a table steadily, it also can be hanging on trees, like string lights.

mosaic bulb light
mosaic string lights

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