4 Materials: Mosaic Tiles for Crafts

ceramic mosaic tile

For every beginner, it will be a little hard to start mosaic art. For example, where to buy mosaic tiles and what pattern should I design?  Even for a superb collection of various tiles, they must have many choice disorders. But don’t worry, follow us, you will have a clear understanding  in a short time. In that article,  I will show you several materials of mosaic tiles for crafts.

Firstly, we make some basic explanations for their similarity. When you get it, you don’t take time to cut them with a tool. All tiles have been cut to mini blocks and edges are polished smoothly. Please be assured that it will not hurt your fingers, especially for kids. For every piece of tile, you need to use glue to stick on the flat surface. They are different shapes and colors mixed, which can be combined or matched  into infinite possibilities.

01 Ceramic Mosaic Tiles

Compared with China Dinnerware widely used in the kitchen, the ceramic tiles are more safe when used. In order to meet the demands of different designers, the manufacturer designs various shapes, like water-drops to shape flowers or leaves. Of course, there are some common shapes, square, round, and triangle. What’s more, you will see some irregular shapes. For the texture, it is also various, like blue and white porcelain, nature texture., etc. Unlike glass tiles, they are not transparent, color is also not so bright. But I thought they looked more solid and retro.

ceramic mosaic tiles
ceramic mosaic tiles

02 Glass Mosaic Tiles

As we know, glass can be rich and bright in color, yeah, as for mosaic tile, they must be also. Every piece of tile has been pre-cut in tiny blocks. Maybe, you will be surprised when you view them at first glance, how small they are. Different from traditional building tiles, some pre-cut glass tiles even zoom out to 1 cm/2.54inch. I guess the older man maybe should use them with a squeeze. So, when you purchase them online, you’d better read product description carefully and totally.                   

As for color, they really have many choices. For the red series, you can select from dark red, pink, light red and orange red, etc. Oh, it’s so dazzling. As for shape, it will be easier, relatively speaking. Usually like squares, rectangles, triangles, and diamonds. Suppliers will sell them in single shape, or sell them in mixed shape and color. Here are three common shapes: tiny block tiles, round tiles and glass arenaceous (not beads). Trying to mix different elements in one craft will be a good idea. 

glass mosaic tiles for crafts
round glass mosaic tiles

03 Shell Mosaic Tiles

It’s really unbelievable the shell can be used as tiles on mosaic crafts. As the picture shows, you will like it very much after viewing them. It is so beautiful, especially when you want to design works about the sea, beach, coconut palm, blue sky. You are likely to have a vivid image of the tropical coquette. Of course, the shell tiles also can be matched with other kinds of tiles. But the precondition is you should make a sketch in mind. Due to its nature, they will be varied in size. Let’s appreciate the beauty of shell tiles from nature gifts.

Pre-cut Glass Arenaceous
shell mosaic tiles
shell mosaic tiles

04 Stone Mosaic Tiles

Like the tiles mentioned above, the stone tiles are also from nature. After being processed by a factory machine, it turns into beautiful elements of crafts. Since they are solid and sturdy, their shapes are relatively simple. But for that, they can be used as stepping stones. As for the mini tiny particles, it will be a good choice for grout or edge decoration.

stone mosaic tiles

After the view above, I guess you have recognition painly about materials of tile, and also can select or match different tiles when making a piece of crafts. For beginners, you can select a bit of color and shape to finish simple works. You can draw a sketch on an object, then select suitable tiles. I believe, after some exploration, you can create beautiful mosaic crafts finally.

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