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On my site, I am inclined to share crafts with Chinese characteristics as much as I can. The DIY Crafts Line mainly involves Mosaic Crafts, Embroider Crafts, Nail Winding Drawing Crafts, etc. As domain Fingertipcrafts, every piece of crafts will be finished by fingertip.

Maybe, my English is not very unadulterated, but I will try to write every blog. For some complex and exquisite crafts, I will take the videos on Youtube for your reference. Of course, you can let me know which one you want to learn.

For more interaction, you can find us on Social Media: Facebook, Instagram Pinterest, Youtube.

For some finished products, we have handmade stores on Etsy and Amazon. Every artwork is made by myselves. Of course, the production quality is rare and takes a longer time. Especially for the exquisite objects. A small part can accept customization.

About Me

Hello, everyone, I'm Mary Zhang. Now, I am a freelancer from China and also the website owner of Fingertipcrafts. 

Being tired of a nine-to-five working routine, invariable office work, in the meantime, I was obsessed with making handmade crafts during spare time. From the year 2022, I decide to manage a website to explore and share more crafts from China. Hope you like it. 

Last year, I had my twin babies, who are so cute and interesting. Hope in the coming days, I will have more time to accompany them. Like all of my followers will accompany me. In China, handmade is not so popular like foreign countries, but what I can do is that I would give them more guides during the whole kindergarten and primary school.

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