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fingertipcrafts Mary
Come On. We have fun together. Use threads and pins to string wonderful patterns on wooded board.
Mary Zhang 2022

Hello, I am Mary, a handicraft enthusiast from China. At the same time, I am a mother of two children. Last year, I had my twin babies, who are so cute and interesting. Hope in the coming days, I will have more time to accompany them. Like all of my followers will accompany me. 

As an Amazon seller before, I also sold some mechanized products, but alway lost interest in them. Finally I found that I still prefer the handmade arts above all others. I hope my family and friends can get gifts that were made by me. Since the prepared gifts with great care are unique and have a warm temperature. I spend time and effort making gifts and presents to my cherished people. Of course, in the process of making it, I also enjoyed a happy time and felt very accomplished after finishing the whole project. 

I once tried several kinds of handmade things, like embroidery, mosaic, and knitting. But there is not much persistence. Until I was introduced to String Arts on Pinterest. They are new and unique, like 3D stereoscopic photographs. I almost fell in love with Pin and Thread Art at first glance. Maybe I am brave to try new items.

From 2022, I started to manage a small business website with full heart and soul. I am the owner of Fingertipcrafts, and also have stores on Amazon, Etsy to sell String Art Kit (do it yourself) and small amounts of finished products online. Every piece of the end product was made and packaged by myselves, so they are rare and unique. Hope you like it.

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