Most frequent questions and answers

Rest assured. For every work, We provide step-by-step instructions that are excellent in pictures and literature. For complicated patterns, a video tutorial is available.

Yes, the String Art is good for children. If you choose the wood board, adults must help hammer the nails into the board since operating a hammer is a dangerous operation. But you can choose foam board because it doesn’t need hammer nails. 

We offer all the materials you need to complete your string art project. Like hammer, board, enough nails and thread, manual book or other accessories (optional).

Can I customize the pattern for my string art kit?

Of course. But you need to communicate with us in advance through Short Form. For the custom-made order, return is not supported except for quality and shipping problems. Hope for your understanding.

Yeah, welcome. Please feel free to contact us via Short Form, and let us know what your specific requirements are.

The kits (Do it yourself) will ship from the United States and usually take 5-7 days. But the custom-made order and finished order are shipped from China and it usually takes 15-60 days.