How String Art Works

Gather Materials Needed

Board, Nails, Thread, Hammer, Paper, Tape, Scissors, Winding Pen, Lighter

winding pen
wood cloth clamp
string art kits

A. String Art Template

After learning from the Internet, i made conclusions: there are mainly two kinds of ways to knock nails. They reach the same gold by different means.

Firstly, print string art template, or just draw it onto the paper with a pencil. For example, the simple heart. The heart should be smaller than the board. In order to knock nails perfectly in the next steps. We can draw some small dots around the template in approximately one-cm intervals if we design the figure on software. For some complicated patterns, pay attention to the density of dots. Don’t be too crowded. 

Then cut out with scissors. Place the heart template onto the center of the wood board and secure it with tape, which can prevent it from moving. Recommend the painter tape to you. Since it not only sticks the paper firmly, but doesn’t leave any marks or damage the wood when removed. Do not need to paste all parts fully. Only several pieces of tape to secure the vital section.

string art template
string art template-2

B. Get Pre-punch Holes Board

wood board

Next, what i want to say is that we can achieve the above result in another way. The manufacturer is so intelligent that we can get a wood board with pre-punch holes. It is very friendly to beginners. Especially for someone who suffers from no creative inspiration of pattern. It helps us omitte a few steps. Do not need to draw a template, cut and tape. Just knock nails on board directly. The string art kits have involved all things you need.

wood board

Knock Nails

Clank, Clank,Clank. The continuous voice sounds very decompressing. Select a point to start hammering. Knock each pin until about two-thirds protrudes from the board surface. Pay attention to hammer firmly but gently. At present, we can get help from a tool. Holding the nail with a wood cloth clamp to make the nails upright at a ninety degree angle. Around the heart template or small dots to hammer all nails. Try your best to keep your nails straight with the same height. The child can complete with the help of  adult.


Wrap Thread Around Nails

Select a starting point and tie a knot tightly around the nail. A complicated pattern with mixed color, it need change the starter continuously. For excessive thread ends, it can be trimmed with scissors. Or burn ends with a lighter. 

Begin wrapping thread around nails to form the heart on board. It’s interesting for string art. Tthere is no fixed method to twine. Of course, there are some basic winding methods. For instance, when we wrap edge of template to define border. The 8 word unilateral, use a line to form an “18” style between two nails. What’s more, if we want to display a stereoscopic geometric pattern, the wrapping must be kept in correct order. I will make a detailed introduction in another post. 

Let the cord shuttle back and forth between nails. The more layers wrapped, the darker the pattern will be in the final artwork. Sometimes you even need a thin stick to pull out floss from inside. During winding, the thread is very easy to slip off from the nail. Please remember, one hand grabs the cord tightly, at the same time, the other hand wraps the thread around the nail. My recommendation tool is the winding pen, which helps the job finish perfectly. If there’s not enough time to purchase from the store, the gel pen is also a good substitute.

string art
wing stread
winding pen
gel pen

After finishing the main body of the pattern, we usually wrap thread around the edge to define the border of the heart.Then tie the end of the cord with a knot around a nail. In the same way, burn thread ends with lighter. 

String Art for Home Decoration


Match with an exquisite gift package, we can send it to our dear family or good friend. Match with dried flowers and string light, it’s warm and romantic. Install brackets and hold it on the desk or hang it on the wall as home decoration. 

string art with light
string art with ligh

Daily Maintenance

As for regular cleaning, I would recommend you use a brush or feather duster to flick dust away or rock the frame back and forth. Do not wash it with water or a wet rag.

Now I guess you have mastered the basic methods of how to start with string art. In the article, I also make some recommendations of optional, but useful tools, like lighter, cloth clamp and winding pen. If you want to make more knowledge about materials and tools, welcome to view our other post: What Materials and Tools Need.