How to DIY Mosaic Coasters

mosaic coasters

If you have great enthusiasm for mosaic crafts, but don’t know how to start it. I will advise you to make a drinking coaster. It’s quite easy. The coaster is not only a small object to protect the surface of the table or any other surface, but also it’s a good decoration ornament at home. Since the coaster is as big as your plum, you don’t need to conceive the complex pattern on it.  For a child about 9 years old, who also can finish them independently with the adult’s guide.

In the following tutorials, I prepared the square bamboo embryo bases, which is 9cm*9cm.

square bamboo coaster base

What Needed?

Bamboo embryo, Mosaic Tiles, Glue, Grout, Bowl ,Sponge

Step 1. Prepare

Before starting, we can try to think of a frame simply in mind, then select suitable mosaic tiles. If you’re a new hand, try to play the pattern with tiles before sticking on base. For that coaster, I totally use the glass mosaic tiles, which are bright and translucent.

mosaic coaster

Step 2: Stick Tiles

Now, it’s time to apply glue. There are two kinds of glue for your reference, alcohol glue and cream glue. Generally speaking, if the surface is flat, we will choose to use the alcohol glue. But for the sphere surface or other vertical object, we’d better use the cream glue, which can take precautions against trackslip. Today, we will use alcohol glue for bamboo base. 

When sticking glue on the base, we should apply a small amount every time, then start to place the tiles. Otherwise the glue will be volatilized if exposed to air for a long time. During the whole making, we can adjust the tiles until they meet our demands. 

a 2
sticking mosaic tiles

Step 3: Apply Grout

Before filling the gap, we need to prepare grout. After these tiles are fixed obviously and the glue dried (usually take 20 minutes). We can start to apply the grout. If you have a scraper, it will be a good helper. If not, it doesn’t matter. Wear the disposable gloves to take a little grout and put on base for every corner evenly. Keep in mind, do not pile up.

white mosaic grout
mosaic coaster

Step 4: Wipe Base

Wait for several minutes after applying the grout, don’t need to wait for it to dry totally. We can use the moist sponge to wipe the extra grout lightly. If not, you can replace it with useless clothes. Generally I will wipe the coaster two times until it’s clean enough. For the edge of the bamboo base,  you should be more careful to clean the residue. 

mosaic coaster

All jobs have donw. Look at the suqare drinking coaster. If you like more, please view our another article: which mosaic coasters ideas you like?

square mosaic drinking coaster

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