How to Embroidery Drawstring Bag

Embroidery Drawstring Bag

Have you ever imagined what kind of sparks will be collided when we combine modern crossbody pouches with traditional hand embroidery? Will it be more casual or more retro? I believe it differs from person to person when you own a pretty pouch. If you are an office lady, who has retired from formal wear everyday, how about changing your style, and to try another style – crossbody pouch. 

What Needed?

Pouch, Thread, Hoop, Needle, Thread, Pen

embroidery pattern kit
Embroidery Drawstring Bag

Since we create patterns on the pouch, and it will be used many times, we better select a super material cloth. In that article, we chose the Cotton and Linen material, which is a little hard when touched , but has a better drape in daily use. 

Because the whole pouch is just about 5.9inch (about 15cm), it’s inappropriate to design a complex pattern, otherwise, the whole pouch will be very bloated. Sometimes, simple is the best. 

For the main part of the pouch, we use Thermal Transfer to print the girl, as for the tree branch, we use a water soluble pen to outline simple strokes. Of course, you can draw the whole pattern with a pen. According to your skill level. Next, what we need to embroider is the part of the leaves. It’s really very friendly for new hands. When stitching the leaves, we have many choices on stitches. Like fly stitch, fishbone stitch, satin stitch and chain stitch. For those leaves, the stitch we used is chain stitch. 

cross-body bag
girl cross-body pouch

The whole process will take about 10 minutes. Finally, tie up the colorful rope, and the cross-body pouch is finished. The whole capacity of the pouch is not plentiful, but it’s enough for cell phone, keys, tissue, etc. 

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