How to Make Lucky Clover String Art

clover string art

People thought it’s lucky enough if we could find the four leaf clover. Since every leaf has a good meaning, for example, love, health, fame, wealth. I once looked forward to finding the clover in a vast grassland. Unfortunately, there’s not much luck for me. After getting inspiration from Google, I have an interesting idea. Why not get the clover that belongs to me with string art

What Needed:

The string art kit includes all things you need.

Threads (Green*3)



Wood Board ( 30*30cm)

Winding Pen


clover string art kit
clover string art

Hammer nails

As we see from photos, the whole design is simple and easy to follow. There are four symmetric hearts with same size. What’s more, very heart is composed of 31 pieces of nails as well as its bilateral symmetry. Including 11-piece nails for stalk of leaf, there are 135 nails in all. Every nail has a smooth round head, which is convenient for hammering. 

Firstly, insert the nail into the pre-holes and hold the nail straight with one hand. Next, knock the nail lightly with a hammer until they are not waggled. If you are a string art beginner, the clothespin can give great help in the next steps. Divide the clothespin into two and use one of them to hold the nail. At this time, you can set your mind at rest to hammer nails quickly and vigorously. After completed, you will find all nails are kept with same height and stand steadily. If you are adept at knocking, the above operations can be omitted. Finally, check all nails together and make sure every nail is solid well on the wooden board. 

string art nails
clover string art kit

First Stage

There are three layers in total. Each layer has specific cord, the gradual color is from the shallower to the deeper. In the whole process of winding, we should stretch the cord tight. In order to keep the thread shuttle around nails smoothly. Here is another tool for your reference, the winding pen, which can give us a lot of help in the narrow gap. Actually, the common gel ink pen can be a good replacement. Before wrapping, install the pen, then tie a knot on the first nail of clover stalk. Keep in mind, all threads will start from here. 

Next, we will start to finish the first layer. Selecting a color marked “C”. Bypass the first nail directly, and start from the 8th nail of the heart. Pull cord to opposite heart in 8th nail. Then shutter between two hearts continuously and always keep threads at 180° horizontally. Until there are 7 nails left. Every two opposite hearts as a group. After finishing those steps, you will find there are two pack threads crisscrossed in the center. Remember to tie a knot on nail. 

clover string art kit
clover string art kit

Second Stage

Selecting color marked “B” to start the second layer. All wrapping will be finished in single heart one by one. That time, I chose another type of law method. 

Tie a knot on the original nail mentioned above.Start from the first nail of the heart at the bottom, pull thread to the 16th nail directly. The second nail points to the 17th nail, and so on. All windings go ahead in the same direction. Until the 31th nail points to the 16th nail. At this time, the first heart is finished. Next, turn to the first nail of the second heart. Repeat the above steps. Keep in mind to tie the knot on the original nail tightly. 

After finishing four hearts. We can’t help but sign. It’s so easy and amazing. Is it art? I thought it was Art+Math=String Art. Using colorful strings, we can create beautiful geometric shapes on the wood board. Or Arrangement of colored threads between nails to form various patterns. 

clover string art kit

Third Stage

We chose the color marked “A” for the outermost layer, which is similar to the second one. In the same way, tie a knot on the original nail again. Start from the first nail of the heart at the bottom, pull the thread to the 10th nail directly. The second nail points to the 11th nail. Keep going in the same direction to go ahead continuously. Maybe it is a little difficult when threads turn to 180 degree horizontally. Remember to press or adjust cords with patience. Until the 22th nail points to the 31th nail. My heart was finished. 

They are different with gaps between nails compared with the middle layer. From 1 -16  turns to 1-10. Different patterns are emerged from different numbers and combinations. Various colors of thread can form different visual effects. Have to say, there is no end to creativity or learning with String Art.Similarly, keep in mind to tie the knot on the original nail tightly.

The above three layers can be finished easily in a short time if you master the skills of the law method. The last section is the stalk of the leaf. I finish it with an 11-shape border method. There’s no more words to say since it’s so easy. After cutting the end of a thread, I am used to trim it with a lighter. Please be careful when doing it.

clover string art kit

Once finished, the clover string art becomes a decoration at home or a proud display hanging on the wall. There are brackets prepared in the string art kit, which includes everything you need.

Video Tutorials

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