How to Make Mosaic Flower Vase

mosaic vase

Recently, I’ve been thinking of a challenge to mosaic another object with a vertical surface. Yeah, you have already guessed, it’s the flower vase. Last weekend, I was excited to make five drinking coasters. They are all flat surfaces and I finished them with different patterns at one time. In that article, I prepared two kinds of vases with different materials, wood and glass. 

Follow my blogs, you will find I am not sharing detailed tutorials, and also point out the tips you can take, even some errors you can avoid. Um, in the following steps, I am actually in trouble when I stick the tiles. I thought it would be more interesting if not everythings went smoothly.

What Needed?

Wooden Vase Base, Mosaic Tiles, Glue, Grout, Bowl, Sponge

flower vase base

For the flower vase, i prepare to cover all body with 1cm glass tiles and colorful glass arenaceous (quartz sand). As usual, I stuck the adhesive ( I chose another crystal cream). After applying a circle along with the vase neck, I start to apply tiles one by one, arranged to a nicety without gaps. Good job I did, I thought. From the second circle, the tiles are out of control and they can not be in alignment. The last tile, I even need to press it with force into line. But other tiles will be squeezed out. So I have no choice but to adjust the gaps between them until every tile has a comfortable location. I anticipate they can fit on the vase surface in good order, like the drinking coaster. Sorry, I am wrong. That’s it, I mosaic a circle and circle until it’s to my satisfaction.

glass tiles crafts
Pre-cut Glass Arenaceous

Ok, we successfully ran into the middle section, i would like to decorate here with some glass arenaceous. After applying the adhesive, I started to scatter them on the base. If it’s your first time, it will be a little hard to sprinkle evenly. Warm Tips, the hand holding vase should turn fastly when your right hand scatters. At that time, the glass arenaceous must fall down a lot. Take it easy. That’s normal. Keep turning and scattering, until there are enough glass tiles on base. If necessary, you can use an ice cream stick to help you.

Another tips, after you stick a half base, you can wait for tiles fixed on base well, then start to another half circle.

flower vase crafts

Next, we start to finish the rest of the part. I prepare to use multicolor tiles to overspread the vase. In the beginning, I wanted to design special slash lines at the bottom. But it turns out to be very ugly. So I can not accept it. I remove all the tiles at the bottom and wash them with water. Since the adhesive is dissolved in water. And it takes about 30 minutes to solidify after applying. Here are the differences compared with alcohol glue. Finally, I covered the vase bottom with the same textures as the top part. During that time, the big problem is that the tiles from top are easy to drop down because of the liquid flowability and terrestrial gravity. So, I overturn the vase, keep the bottom up and start to apply tiles. The situation has improved a lot since the stop of bottle neck.

flower vase crafts
flower vase crafts
flower vase crafts

For the problem of trackslip, I will use another adhesive, cream gel. It can stick the tiles firmly in a short time. No matter how, it’s surely more difficult to apply tiles on a vertical surface than a horizontal surface. It doesn’t matter if there are some drops, as long as we fill it timely. It’s still a meaningful and beautiful flower vase. 

For another glass vase, after I finished the whole part, the glass tube cannot be put into the steel frame. I ignored the thickness of those glass tiles. What a profound lesson!

glass tiles vase
mosaic tiles for crafts

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