How to Make Mosaic Glass Candle Holder

mosaic glass candle holder

Which pattern can I shape with these mosaic tiles? I guess, composition thinking is the hardest part in the whole process of mosaic crafts. For a beginner, perhaps there are countless options in mind, but always it’s a little hard to start. Um, maybe you can follow my suggestion. The first time, if you don’t have any good idea about patterns, you can piece the tiles together simply, just consider the color mixed, geometry.

What Needed?

Glass Globe, Holder, Mosaic Pieces, Glue, Grout, Water, Sponge, Gloves, Newspaper

glass candle holder

According to our previous thinking, we select some square glass tiles, round tiles and other mini beads for splicing our works. When you purchase the tiles online, maybe there is some dusty or glass slag due to the production process. Don’t worry, just wash it with water and then dry. It will be more shiny than before. That is the glass tile, sparkling and crystal-clear.


Next it’s time to stick tiles on the globe’s surface. Since the glass sphere, it’s not easy to hold it. You’d better daub a little glue before sticking. So as to one hand for holding, other hand for sticking. We usually start from hole and spread to the backside. Put your fist into the sphere and turn it continuously when sticking tiles layer by layer. For beginners, you can slow down the whole process. Enjoy the slow time. That’s the spirit of DIY Crafts. During the whole sticking process, you can continuously adjust the inappropriately blocks, until it meets your requirements.


After finishing the whole globe, it’s time to wait. Usually it should take 20 minutes. The longer the time, the better the effects. If you are anxious, you can dry them with a hair dryer. At that time, we can prepare the grout. For that mosaic craft, I use white grout. According to the difference of color matching, you can select grout with another color. We add the water a little first, then start to stir. Until it seems likely to be toothpaste.

white mosaic grout

Next, you can prepare two tools: disposable gloves and useless newspapers. With them, you can grout easier and do not stain your hand and desktop. Remember to spread the grout on a glass sphere evenly so as to cover the gap between glass tiles. 

Then, use the wet sponge to wipe the extra grout, especially for grout covered on tiles.  The sponge can be repeated many times. Of course, the old clothes are also ok.

DIY mosaic crafts

Here are some finished mosaic hanging candle holders for your references. Hope you like it. For more tealight holder, please view our another post. 

mosaic tiles candle holder (1)
mosaic tiles candle holder (3)

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