How to Paint Straw Hats

paint straw hat

In July, the midsummer comes to us as expected. Recently, the high temperature is already up to 37°C in my hometown. Some parts of an area can reach up to 40°C. It is not an exaggeration to say, we can fry eggs on cement floors or iron plates. 

At the same time, the summer vacation starts from the beginning of that month in China. A large number of students return home from school. The whole day, those children under the age of 12, who are full of vitality, mischievous. At that time, it’s urgent to find a way to let them calm down silently and stay with them peacefully. 

On the weekend afternoon, purchase some acrylic paints. Let’s customize a unique pattern or place some decorations on Straw Hat together.

What Needed?

Plain Straw Hat, Acrylic Paints, Decor Elements

straw hat painting
straw hat painting (2)
acrylic painting

If you prepare to purchase a plain straw hat online, you’d better select a suitable size. For kids aged 2-8, the inner diameter is 17cm, and outer diameter is 30cm. As for adults, the size should increase correspondingly to 2cm. Before painting, we can conceive our preciated pattern in mind. It’s a good choice to outline simple line-drawing on a hat.

Next start to fill color with acrylic and brush. The whole process usually takes 1 hour, however, it usually depends on the complexity of the pattern. For kids of age 2-8, they can finish DIY crafts with help of parents. 

paint straw hat
painting straw hat
painting straw hat

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