What Are Used for Mosaic Crafts

mosaic cutting tool

With the help of tools, we can make the artworks easier and faster. With varied accessories, we can design a large number of pattern styles. When you fall in love with a handicraft, and become addicted to it, finally you will stock up more and more tools and accessories. 

For a new hand of mosaic crafts, it’s not necessary to buy all of them, but you should know what is must. When you are proficient in the mosaic crafts process, you can even find a substitution plan in certain special conditions. 

In the following article, I will introduce some basic tools and accessories for your reference.

01 Mosaic Cutting Tool

When we get a big piece of tile, we need to use tools to divide it into small pieces at first. They are glass cutters and running pliers. After scoring, use the glass cutter to make long cuts for a sheet of stained glass, then use the running plier to snap apart pieces of stained glass. Remember to place the sheet of glass on a flat surface and wear protective glasses.

glass tile nippers

Actually, the cost for mosaic cutting tools have an expensive budget. We would spend more time and money on it. As I mentioned before, the cutting tool is not necessary if you get the pre-cut mosaic tiles. However, the mosaic art usually looks better when tiles aren’t uniform but instead irregular tiles. The  irregularly-shaped rectangles, triangles and rhombus could be made using those two tools. 

Yes, as you see, they are similar types, like twins. The left one with a flat head is a nipper that is used for stone, marble, porcelain, and ceramic tile. The right one with a round head is a glass tile nipper that is used for smalti, glass tile, and stained glass.

glass tile nippers

For a long time use, you’d better dab some oil on the surface which can protect metal from rust and prolong its service life. 

02 Mosaic Tiles

glass mosaic tiles

There are a large number of tiles for choosing in the market. From material, it has glass, ceramic, marble, shell and stone; from color, it has pure color, glitter; from style, it has plain and natural texture. 

03 Mosaic Tile Adhesive

We totally introduce three mosaic tile adhesive in that article. The first one is alcohol glue, liquid conditioned and packaged in a plastic tube. It is widely used for sticking some small objects. The shortcoming is that it is easy to volatilize after being exposed to air for a long time. What’s more, it’s better to use it on the horizon surface to avoid track slip. 

mosaic tile adhesive

—The second is cream crystal, which is a condition of  emulsion. After applying it for about half an hour, the surface will be coagulated. Sometimes, when I want to change my design mind within 20 minutes, the adhesive can be washed by water easily, which is the best highlight compared with alcohol glue. 

mosaic tile adhesive

—The last one is cream gel, which is named for its creamy appearance. We usually use it for sticking ornaments on phone cases. It’s very kind to use them on vertical surfaces and spheres, like glass globes and flower vases, which is the best highlight compared with the above two. Otherwise, the mosaic tiles always like to drop since of the liquid flowability and terrestrial gravity. 

mosaic tile adhesive

04 Mosaic Tile Grout

It’s inevitable to make some gaps between mosaic tiles, especially when applying those irregular shape tile(We should try our best to reduse them). What’s more, it’s a common phenomenon in the traditional building since the gaps are easy to get dusty after a period of use. For the same reason, it’s quite necessary to use the mosaic grout to fill gap between tiles.

white mosaic grout

05 Bowl and Scraper

They usually work together. But it also can be replaced easily. You can use a disposable cup to hold the grout and water. As for the scraper, the ice cream stick is also a good tool. It can be used for stir grout, as well as to daub adhesive when sticking.

plastic bowl
plastic scraper

06 Mosaic Cleaning

The sponge is used to wipe the extra grout. It’s better to hold the sponge in a moist condition. During the whole process of cleaning, we need to wipe several times. Try your best to wipe grout in the same direction, and with gentle movement. If you don’t like to clean the sponge, you can choose useless clothes to replace.

mosaic tiles sponge

07 Hand Protecting

For gloves, we recommend cut-resistant gloves, when you take tiles with sharp edges or corners. Or wear them when you cut or polish tiles with nippers. The water-proof gloves and finger gloves are used for sticking tiles to protect your fingers against getting dirty.  As for goggles, it will protect your eyes when you are cutting or polishing tiles. If necessary, the face mask is also needed. 

protective gloves
protective gloves
protective finger gloves

08 Other Unecessary Tools

  • The brush is used to dip glue. 
  • The tweezer is used to clamp tiny tiles, like fragment tiles or beads to fill gaps. 
  • The pencil is used to draw a skeleton before applying tiles on a base. 

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