What Differs Powder & Crystal Mosaic Grout

mosaic grout

As we know, the grout is a dense fluid which is used to fill gaps or used as reinforcement in existing building structures. With the development of art, the mosaic grout is found that can be used to fill the spaces between tiles, assisted to finish the whole mosaic artwork. It can be said, the grout is a necessary accessory for mosaic crafts. 

Different from grout used on traditional buildings, the grout used on mosaic projects usually has bright colors since they need to match various art works. The basic colors are white, black and gray. Of course, we can boldly try other bright colors, like red, orange, pink, and green, which totally depend on your mosaic works or your favorites.

In that article, we will introduce two kinds of grout. The first one is white powder mosaic grout. Needless to say, we get them in fine powder, usually packaged in bags or buckets. According to the size of the art piece, we take power as we demand, and avoid waste. Of course, you can replenish it at any time. What’s more, the dried powder grout is very easy to store. Pay attention to avoid getting wet, otherwise, it will be hardened to affect the next use.

powder grout for mosaic
white mosaic grout

Powder & Crystal Mosaic Grout

mosaic grout

How to Use Grout

  • Blending: Take out a bowl. Put the dry grout into a container first, and then add the water. According to the ratio of 1:4, pour water slowly as you can. Then start to stir with a stick continuously in one direction, until the grout is shaped to be toothpaste.
  • Smearing: Wear disposable gloves to protect your hands, take some grout on ornaments, use a scraper to smear smoothly, until every corner. 
  •  Cleaning: Wait for about 10 mins, use a damp sponge or useless clothes to wipe the excess grout. After totally dried, start to wipe for a second time. Check for every corner and gaps. 
  • For Crystal Grout, it’s easier to use, you can skip the 1 step. only smear and clean. Suggestion: you can use pastry bags to apply them on tiles.
  • For better use, we usually match grout with bowl and scrapper together to fill gaps.
diy crafts of mosaic
DIY mosaic crafts

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