What's Meaning for Pre-cut Mosaic Tiles

mosaic tiles for crafts

When referring to tiles, we naturally think of decoration materials widely used on buildings and swimming pools. Every sheet of tiles is huge and heavy. You should buy them at an exclusive shop. And usually they are wholesales, not retail. Sometimes, you even need to order them in advance.

Along with the upsurge of Handmade Arts, the mosaic tiles were continuously explored by artists, handcraft lovers, and even came into lessons, loved by children of different age groups. In order to meet needs, the manufacturer or factory also starts to adjust the production line, to produce various kinds of tiles that are suitable for handmade.

When preparing to start, for a large piece of tile, we need some tools to cut apart into small parts, and cut into certain shapes we need, finally to polish edge and corner smoothly. For the whole process, we need a series of tools, like a glass knife, nipper and goggles, etc.  During the whole splicing process, we need to frequently adjust the shape we cut, so as to fit the shape of the artwork well. Without a doubt, it takes us  a lot of time. For a new beginner, it is not a simple thing.

glass tile nippers

Generally speaking, the shapes of pre-cut tiles are square, triangle, round, and rhombus. The corresponding size for every edge is from 1cm -2cm. As to colors, it commonly has many choices. For some tiles, they have a natural texture and glitter effects. The manufacturer can blend out all kinds of colors you like. With them, we can compose various shapes, like flower petals.

Pre-cut Glass Arenaceous

As your first glance from that phone, they are more likely to be the fragment glass. They are bright colors. In most cases, they are filled with gaps.

Pre-cut Glass Arenaceous
flower vase crafts

Ceramic Tiles for Mosaic Crafts

After grinding repeatedly for many times, the ceramic tiles used for mosaic crafts has been shaped to flower, heart, round and oval. They have smooth surface and various colors. For the second one, they are not of uniform size, as well as has nature textures.

ceramic mosaic tiles
ceramic mosaic tiles

Round Glass Tiles for Mosaic Crafts

The glass has been processed into different round size. They are glittering and translucent, as well as pure bright color. Every piece of glass mosaic tile are smooth and full. Embellish it as center is great idea.

round glass mosaic tiles

Pre-cut Free Stone Tiles

Recently, we found another interesting tile: cutting glass mosaic tile, also called “ free stones’’. They are in various shapes, and every edge is polished smoothly, which does not hurt your fingers. Very kindly to kids. From comparison, the left one is a common tile:1cm square glass mosaic tile. The right one is 1.2cm square free stones tiles. To the last photo, it’s the irregular shaped glass tiles.

glass mosaic tiles for crafts
glass mosaic tiles

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