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diy mosaic coasters

After mosaicing the square coaster, immediately I finished the rest of four coasters with on breath. That’s the magic of handmade, which totally let me immerse in it. I chose the same base material of bamboo that is light and cost effective. There are five different appearances: rectangle, oval, big roundd, hexagon, and square.

Five Bamboo Bases for References:

  • The square base is 9*9cm
  • The rectangle base is 17.5*9cm
  • The oval base is 17.5*8.8cm 
  • The Hexagon base is 12cm 
  • The big round base is 15.5cm (diameter)
bamboo drinking coaster

Since they are all flat surfaces, the alcohol glue is a good choice. Before sticking, I take a long time to conceive the pattern in mind, even place the tiles one base back and forth. For the queen today,  I still choose the free-style glass tiles, which are irregular shapes of triangle, rhombus and square. It’s also one of my favorite tiles.

mosaic tiles crafts
mosaic coaster
colorful mosaic coaster

01 Rectangle Mosaic Coaster

The first one, I choose glass mosaic tiles, which have multi-colors and various shapes. They are just simply mixed together, not consideration of alignment or pattern. Totally to do as you like. It’s really relaxing during the period of applying tiles. No worries about how I do. The only thing to note is that applying the tiles as closely as you can. Otherwise, the white grout will be exposed a lot.

colorful mosaic drinking coaster

02 Oval Mosaic Coaster

On that base, I design a simple pattern of the triangle tiles shaped for trees. The yellow square tiles fill as background. In the middle section, I set the squares in order. For both sides, the tiles were put along the arc edge of the base. The whole appearance is like the playground of school.

mosaic drinking coaster

03 Round Mosaic Coaster

For better precision, I skeleton the five-star on the round base with pencil. Firstly, I apply the tiles along with the pattern. Every corner matches a different color. Then fill with light color of white glass tiles as background to contrast the bright five stars. In the whole process, I take care to adjust every corner continuously to avoid having different sizes. The rest place will turn to be more narrow in pace with adding more tiles. 

round mosaic coaster

04 Hexagon Mosaic Coaster

Could you guess what kind of fruit is shaped on the bamboo base? Maybe a little confusion. Ha-ha, now matter how my husband doesn’t know what I do even though I struggle to make a description. The four green glass tiles are used for leaves and the five red glass tiles are shaped for grapes. Of course, the white glass tiles are filled for background. What an interesting masterpiece. 

grape mosaic tiles

The size of that base is similar to hexagon one, which is not suitable for designing complex patterns. I simply set the tile in order, but with colorful colors. It turns out that simple is good. For a child of age 9, she also can grasp the skill easily. The square mosaic drinking coaster is a kind tutorial for new hand.

mosaic coasters

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