Which Mosaic Flower Pot You Like

mosaic flower pot

It’s easy to know, for various plants with different growth habits, we need to carefully select a pot that is suitable for them. Generally speaking, the breathability and drainage are the primary factors that should be considered if we keep plants in pots. Otherwise, it will lead leaves yellow and root rot. Fortunately, the clay pot can greatly deal with those two problems at the same, especially for plants that are drought tolerant. For other plants, which can adapt to a humid environment, we can choose plastic pots, metal pots, and ceramic pots glazed on the surface. As for hydroponics plants, the glass pot will be your good choice. 

To most plants, selecting what kind of pot is fixed roughly. We may be tired of viewing the style, color and texture after a long time. What a pity to abandon it, especially an expensive flower pot. So, it‘s worth taking time to view the following article: Several Creations of Mosaic Tile Pot.

01 Clay Mosaic Pot

Here is the first creative recommendation, making a big change for the clay pot. Applying square tiles on its body, decorated with round glass tiles and flower tiles as waistline. That time, we do not fully cover tiles, instead leaving some blank spaces at top.  Place the mosaic flower pot on a desk or shelf, it certainly takes a new feeling of visuals.

flower pot
mosaic flower pot

02 Plastic Mosaic Pot

For the next one, we choose plastic or ceramic as base. The biggest feature for plastic pots is cost effectiveness. With the same cost, we can get more compared with clay pots. Covering the full pot with bright tiles and simple patterns. On the left, use square glass tiles to make a circle. On the right, use rectangle glass tiles to cover the full body ( It’s my favorite one). In the middle, mix various tiles to cover the pot. Can’t be more suitable to place those mosaic pot crafts on an office desk or shelf. 

flower pot

03 Steel Bucket Mosaic Pot

As we see, the lower part, stick the pre-cut square glass tiles in order and divide with some glass beads. The blank space of the middle section is embellished with pre-cut big round tiles, which are surrounded with tiny beads. The upper continuously covers  a circle with square tiles or round glass tiles. What’s more, it skillfully has the aid of a handle to conceive a flower. The steel bucket pot is not only suitable for growing a plant, but also for holding dried flowers or artificial flowers on a desk. 

flower pot

04 Wall Mosaic Pot

I never thought that mosaic arts could be moved on the wall. Take half of a pot, that is ceramic, plastic or cement material. Using discarded chinaware to mosaic, firmly fix on the wall, then plant your favorite flowers. From the wall, we see the spring is in the air. Pay attention: do not remember to leave a drainage hole for plants.

wall flower pot
wall flower pot

05 Garden Mosaic Pot

In the garden, we found a common flower pot. After being decorated with bright mosaic tiles, it turns to attract the glaze of people at once. Whole pot is covered with both big and small square ceramic tiles. Every side is printed with “ Welcome to the Garden”. In the second photos, the irregular colorful tiles are applied on wooden containers featured with wine-bucket shape.

garden mosaic flower pot (7)
flower pot 7

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