Which Mosaic Vase You Like

mosaic flower vase
mosaic vase

In China, we love to buy blooms during the Spring Festival to decorate our home. Since the red color is particularly important to us, which makes us prefer flowers like peach blossoms, hypericum. We will buy a huge plant pot and place it on the hall or entrance. On the other hand, we would like to select a bouquet of flowers, matched in a vase indoors. Compared with buying a vase from a store, it’s more meaningful to make a vase by yourself.

Two Kinds of Vase, Wooden & Glass

wooden flower vase
flower vase materials

01 Wooden Flower Vase

The flower vase is covered fully with irregular glass tiles, as well as decorated with round glass tiles. As you can see in the photo, its small size is very suitable for standing on a desk or vestibule. Or matching with the simple support stand is also a good idea. The only shortcoming is that it can only hold artificial flowers or dried flowers since for the wooden vase ( we mentioned before), they are suppressed with wood.

round flower vase

As we see from the left photo, the mosaic flower ase is relatively monotonous in color. But the black is conspicuous, contrasted from silvery. Their full body is covered with pre-cut glass square tiles, matched with artificial flowers. It’s traditional and classical. The other one on the right, featured with a gradient color series of purple, looks more vivid. It’s particularly important to select a proper vase for different flowers. It refers to vase style and colors. Except for a flower vase, it also can be decorated as an ornament at home.

flower vase
flower vase

02 Glass Flower Vase

Fully covering the vase body, there is a rich sense of fantasy, applying tiles of whole blue or silvery series, applying tiles of bright colors, applying tiles of gradient colors and applying tiles in order. Compared with a wood vase, the glass container can hold any kind of plant, like fresh flowers. What’s more, when placed as a home ornament, we can put a light string into the vase. Where the light is dim, the colorful light through glass tiles, makes a romantic and warm atmosphere.

glass flower vase
glass flower vase
flower vase

03 Unexpected Bonus

Speaking of the surprise, I would like to share the bonus scene with you. My mini tube vase, usually stands on my office desk, and is used for holding some water plants, epipremnum aureum. I always thought it’s extremely monotonous and tired of seeing it every day. So I started to mosaic my mini tube vase with glass tiles and glass arenaceous. After experience of backslip continuously, I finally finished the mosaic handicrafts. In the end, I found the tube vase can not return into the iron frame again since it’s too thick. I let them face forced separation only if I can remove every piece of tiles. What a beautiful accident!

mosaic vase
flower vase crafts

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